It's been six months since  we (re)launched as a skincare brand for all.  It's certainly been an unprecedented time for everyone, irrespective of your race, creed or gender.

But, we humans are made of strong stuff.  Kept together by the 20 square feet of our largest organ - our skin.


We're proud of the many, many people in the UK and around the world who have embraced our simple skincare philosophy of skin 'care'.  We were delighted to be named in the Cosmetic Design Europe's "Beauty Trends in 2021 to Watch: A Year of Renewal" on 22nd December.

We have lots of exciting initiatives planned for 2021, and look forward to sharing them with you.

Monroe is skincare for all, and definitely worth sharing.

Thank you to the team at Brandstand Communications, Mollie, Tilly and Andrew who have looked after us online and with the many collaborations we have carried out and a special thanks to  Millie Kendall, CEO of the British Beauty Council for her support for us, and the beauty industry in the most challenging time in living memory.

Wishing you a very happy (albeit little) Christmas, and all the very best for 2021.

Care for yourself.  When you can, care for others. And of course, care for your skin.

Love from us all at Monroe.

ps - check our site from Boxing day for a  little post-Christmas discount offer!